Ernie’s Road House is a place you go to meet friends; to share a pint with old ones and maybe make some new ones along the way. Since we’re friends, I’ll be honest with you: my name is not Ernie. (shhh…don’t tell anyone)


Ernie is the regular at the end of the bar who only needs to nod to signal he’s ready for another.
Ernie is the local ball team that cools off on the patio after hot summer games.
Ernie is the family that fills the booth with colouring books, crayons and empty pints so that mom and dad can hum along to their favourite local band.
Ernie is the traveller who stumbles in, looking for a cold beer and a warm meal while passing through town, and leaves knowing why we are proud to call Hespeler home.      

Ernie is a prized and peculiar orange stucco building that has been a proud fixture of the Hespeler Village landscape for over 30 years.
This is Ernie’s Road House.


We’re Nicole and Jeff Borysiewicz. Our friends call us The Borys, so you can too.

Ernie is the manifestation of our dream. With years of hospitality and restaurant management experience, Ernie is the embodiment of taking a chance, dreaming big, working hard, and making something amazing happen. We envision Ernie as that friend you call when you want to celebrate, that friend you may not see often but when you do, it’s easy to catch up, or maybe Ernie is that friend who can sit silently beside you eating wings, knowing you don’t talk until the commercial break of the game. So naturally, Ernie’s Road House is the welcoming place for friends to gather, share a meal and a drink, enjoy entertainment, and enjoy good company.

What are you waiting for? Come meet Ernie.  

In all seriousness though, we actually met the real Ernie … it was pretty cool!